We are Frenly Fragrances

Our Candles have
Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

First of all we're handmade in the good ol' USA

  • 100% Vegan Soy Wax.

Avoiding the nasty petroleum based paraffin wax, bees wax, or palm wax.

  • 1/1 Handblown 22 oz Glass, & double wicked.

Thats right, that good stuff.

  • 50+ hour burn time

Spend more time with Frens.

But thats not it Fren!

theres more, inside......

  • Each Fragrance has a Frenly Find with a Piece of Jewelry Inside!

could be a ring, bracelet, ear ring, necklace....the hype is real y'all &

Up to a $500 value!

Frenly Finds Piece of Jewelry Inside!


We are Frenly Fragrances

Home of the Frenlyest Fragrances in the Cosmos.

We get lit, we light candles.

Each candle has a Frenly Find peace offering Inside! Burn to find a Treasure from their home planet inside with real $ value on your planet!

Light it up and see what you got!